A.Japa is proud to introduce their all new original adjustable driver. Creating a driver that provides great performance and forgiveness is an obvious must. Besides creating a driver that maximized distance and ease of use, we strived to create an aesthetically pleasing head which also feels and sounds good at impact.

Being adjustable, we decided to create only two lofts, an R&A conforming 10 degree model and a 12 degree which is available in both R&A conforming and Hi COR non conforming models. We kept the head reasonably traditional looking even though the CG is placed low and deep for an easy mid to high trajectory with low spin. The mid to deep face allows players to tee the ball up high higher attack angle, ie swinging up through the ball, reducing spin and creating maximum carry with run.

We’ve cold forged the variable thickness face out of DAT55 Titanium for maximum feedback and performance. DAT55 is strong allowing us to make the walls of the face thinner for more spring effect. This is especially evident in the non conforming HCOR 12 which features an ultra thin face. The non conforming head and higher loft give seniors and average swing speed players some added pop at impact for more carry and overall distance plus a bigger sweet spot. Better players will appreciate the feedback the Matrix provides while still remaining quite soft at impact. We’ve also laser milled the face to create more consistent spin all across the face and in all conditions. In wet and bad weather there are no worries of the ball “slipping” off the face and affecting performance.

The sole of the driver features a face slot which helps increase the sweet area and reduce lost distance when the ball is struck low on the face which is typically the most rigid area of the driver. The feel and sound are fine tuned by a wave of ridges on the sole which help resonate a pleasing sound and produce a crisp but soft feel at impact.

We kept the adjustability simple as well with 4 main settings, Neutral (which are the standard specs), Neutral Upright, Plus (increase in loft) and Minus (decrease in loft). We believe that an adjustable driver is not for fixing a player’s swing flaws but rather for them to fine tune trajectory based on their needs (4 main positions plus 8 fine tuning positions in between). A windy day or a course with hard fairways may call for a lower loft while a wet or damp fairways may call for a higher loft and max carry.

Feel, Stability, Distance and Control all in your hands with the A.Japa Matrix Driver!

LOFT LIE Weight (±2) FA Conforming
10° 59° 198-200g YES
12° 60° 194-197g +0.5° YES
HCOR 12° 60° 191-193g +0.5° NO
Material: Forged DAT55 Face, High Strength Beta Ti Body
Standard weights 1g in toe, 3g in back (optional weights available)
Head Cover and wrench included


When it comes to maximizing distance and accuracy, the club head must square up to the ball through the impact zone and hit the sweet spot on a consistent basis. When a golf shaft’s timing does not match a player, that player is forced to make changes and adjust their swing to match the club. The right golf shaft should do the work for the golfer, and the clubs timing should match the golfer’s swing while at the same time releasing maximum energy unloading right at impact. Every golfer is different, not only in swing speed, but also swing style and ability. A.Japa’s line of shafts are designed in different weights with various flexes to meet the needs of a wide range of golfers and swing styles. Each model displays certain timing characteristics which match it’s target golfer for maximum feel, distance and accuracy.

A.Japa shafts feature 50t high modulus carbon with a reinforced butt section using our quadraxial weave design (which is also called Multi Axis Integration or M.A.I.) which stabilizes the directional performance of the shaft in every players’ hands. Because of this A.Japa is able to increase torque numbers without sacrificing control. The increase in torque creates an increase in feel, giving players the sensation of the shaft loading and then unloading explosively through impact. The stronger and more rigid carbon fibers as well as the 4 Axis M.A.I. design keep the shaft stable and on line to the ball for a powerful trajectory and max carry and run. For many, golf is all about feel so A.Japa not only strives to make top performance shafts but shafts that feel great. Swing it, feel it, believe it.



All A.Japa shaft models use premium high modulus carbon sheets produced in Japan. Carbon in graphite golf shafts is measured by its tensile strength. The higher the number, the more dense and firm the carbon is in its composition. Lower grade carbon contains more rubber like, which causes the shaft to deform quickly and regain its original shape slowly. This causes inconsistent timing and performance.

Many mainstream shafts in the golf market today use 20-30t rated shafts which is considered on the lower end of tensile strength. High modulus carbon shafts which are 40t and up, are quick to regain their shape and most of all consistent in the way they load and unload so no worries about timing.



(B.S.W) High modulus carbon spiral wrap, rolled clockwise vs counter clockwise and angled in opposite directions for right handed vs left handed golfers.


(M.A.I) Quadraxial (0º, -45°, +45° and 90º) high modulus carbon weaves used usually in the butt section (can be in the tip section as well) to create stability and direction and feel.


(T.F.W.) Titanium Weave reinforcement in tip of iron and wedge shafts. Enhances directional control and creates more consistent performance and spin.


(M.L.S.) Ultra fine metal layers intertwined with rolled high modulus carbon layers which reduce ovaling of the shaft for more consistent timing and increased performance  Used in the tip section for more lightweight and softer flex shafts and in the butt section for heavier and stiffer shafts.



A.Japa’s new Multi.Axis is a next generation golf shaft designed to provide premium feel, distance and control by optimizing launch and backspin and reducing unwanted side spin.  The Multi.Axis does this by stabilizing the butt and tip with two different A.Japa technologies.


The butt of the shaft uses Multi Axis Integration (M.A.I) which is a high modulus quadraxial multi axis carbon weave.  This helps firm up the butt end of the shaft for more control and direction. M.A.I. reduces unwanted twisting and flexing of the shaft in the hands for a straighter shot and more fairways hit.

The tip of the shaft features a unique high modulus spiral wrap to not only increase feel and energy transfer, but to also create stability.

bsw-2enWe take the spiral wrap a step further by utilizing our Bilateral Symmetrical Wrap (B.S.W) method. B.S.W. involves rolling a left handed shaft in the opposite direction of how a right handed shaft would be rolled plus angling the spiral wrap in the opposite direction. Other shaft manufacturers do not differentiate their shafts for righty and lefty players but from our research we have noted that a shaft rolled in one single direction doesn’t flex or perform the same way for a left handed player as it does a right handed player.

The Multi.Axis shaft is available in 3 different weight classes and various flexes and torques to meet the needs of a wide range of golfers looking for longer and straighter drives along with a premium feel and finish. Like all A.Japa shafts, the Multi.Axis is made from premium Japanese high modulus carbon and rolled and finished in Japan. Each shaft is tested thoroughly for quality and consistency.

Multi.Axis 5

The Multi.Axis 5 is a lightweight 50g range shaft with a focus on maximum feel and distance. Targeted at seniors and ladies (R2 Flex is a soft regular) and players with average to slower swing speeds, the 5 series is easy to load and provides a powerful release through impact. The 5 series helps players create more distance by producing the right amount of spin for an optimal launch and maximum carry plus run. The 5 series excels in lightweight and longer length (45.5 to 46.5”) drivers.

Model/Flex CPM (±4) Weight (±1) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
MULTI.AXIS 5R2 222 50g 4.7° Mid 8.5/15.3mm 1168mm
MULTI.AXIS 5R 230 50g 4.6° Mid 8.5/15.3mm 1168mm
MULTI.AXIS 5SR 237 51g 4.5° Mid 8.5/15.3mm 1168mm

Multi.Axis 6

The Multi.Axis 6 is an all around 60g range shaft that suits a wide range of players looking for just the right balance between distance and control. The 6 series can handle the faster swinger and slightly more aggressive player who wants the control of a heavier shaft and the distance of a lighter shaft. The mid range torque of the 6 series matched with M.A.I. and full length high modulus carbon construction create a consistent load and release making it easier to square up to the ball at impact. Better impact equals better distance and straighter shots.

Model/Flex CPM (±4) Weight (±1) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
MULTI.AXIS 6SR 242 60g 4.0° Mid 8.5/15.6mm 1168mm
MULTI.AXIS 6S 250 62g 3.9° Mid 8.5/15.6mm 1168mm
MULTI.AXIS 6X 265 64g 3.8° Mid 8.5/15.6mm 1168mm

Multi.Axis 7

The Multi.Axis 7 is a 70g range shaft designed with the aggressive swinger and hard hitter in mind. The 7 series is a great choice for players who need more control but don’t want to sacrifice distance and feel. A thicker butt section matched with M.A.I. technology, lower torque, and a stiffer spiral tip section reduce spin and increase direction. Even the fastest swinging players will appreciate being able to swing freely without worrying about losing the ball left or right.

Model/Flex CPM (±4) Weight (±1) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
MULTI.AXIS 7X 270 70g 3.3° Mid 8.5/15.9mm 1168mm
MULTI.AXIS 7XX 278 71g 3.2° Mid 8.5/15.9mm 1168mm



A.Japa’s all new TFW-WEDGE LIMITED is the first shaft to ever feature a combination of high modulus Quadraxial weaves along with Unidirectional Prepreg woven with titanium fibers in its construction.


The titanium fibers is what we call Titanium Fiber Weave. This highly advanced material and manufacturing process helps create steel like strength and stiffness but with a premium high modulus carbon feel.


The combination of the Multi Axis Integration 4 axis weave along with Titanium Fiber Weave  results in much more consistent bending of the shaft and impact with the ball creating straighter more powerful shots at the pin with increased back spin for that added stopping power.

The TFW-WEDGE is available in limited quantities with two flexes/weights that we have purposely designed with different characteristics. The TFW-WEDGE 105 is a 105g “Stiff” flex aimed at strong players who are sometimes late in their release and want a shaft that helps square the face of the wedge to the ball thanks to a slightly more active tip section.

On the other hand, the TFW-WEDGE 120 is a heavy 120g “X-Stiff” flex for powerful hard hitters who want the ultimate in stability, control, and direction. Players who sometimes overpower their wedge shots and find themselves pulling or hooking the ball will appreciate the controlled and predictable release of the 120 model.

Model/Flex CPM (±5) Weight (±2) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
TFW-Wedge 105 Limited / S 445 105g 2.0° Mid 9.1/15.7mm 902mm
TFW-Wedge 120 Limited / X 475 120g 1.9° Mid 9.1/16.0mm 902mm


Back in ancient Japan, the katana sword was the heart and soul of each samurai warrior. The samurai relied on the most skilled sword makers who not only used the best materials and had the best manufacturing technique, but who also had the true understanding that each warrior’s success was not only dependent on his sword fighting skill but on the quality of his sword. The best katana were precision made to be lightweight but strong, with just the right tension and flexibility, and of course sharp and accurate. This allowed the samurai to be more agile and deadly with his katana being a direct extension of his body.


A.Japa’s new NEOBLADE golf shaft follows on these principles hence the name NEO (meaning new or redesigned) and BLADE. Light weight shafts are typically associated with being too soft or lacking control, however our ultra light NEOBLADE is designed to overcome that misconception. Using high modulus carbon with quadraxial weaves, we strived to create a light weight shaft that provides maximum distance and ease of use without sacrificing control. The reinforced design provides a confident feel in the hands and our carefully thought out torque numbers provide maximum feedback throughout the entire swing; from back swing to loading the shaft, to down swing and release.

The light weight of the NEOBLADE makes it easy to swing and attractive for those who are looking at building a lighter driver to help increase swingspeed and overall distance. A mid kickpoint helps keep the ball flight strong and powerful for lots of carry plus added run. Available in four different flexes which cover a large range of swingspeeds and styles, The NEOBLADE from A.Japa is your tool for better driving distance without sacrificing control.

Flex CPM (±5) Weight (±2) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
R 235 52.0g 6.5° Mid 8.5/15.2mm 1168mm
SR 245 55.0g 5.6° Mid 8.5/15.3mm 1168mm
S 254 57.5g 5.5° Mid 8.5/15.3mm 1168mm
SX 268 60.0g 5.1° Mid 8.5/15.4mm 1168mm


Please note CPM will vary depending on head weight, length, grip as well as measuring technique and tools used.
Our CPM measurements are using a 7” clamp.


A.Japa’s all new Variant Fairway Wood and Utility shafts are made in collaboration with premium Japanese golf club maker grindworks.

While many players tend to shaft their fairway woods using cut down driver shafts, our research with grindworks have found that this is not always the best for stability and performance.

The way a fairway wood head is designed (smaller overall face area and sweet spot compared to a driver) and the way it comes in contact with both the ball AND the ground requires a shaft with more stability and a stronger tip section. At the same time players desire distance from their fairway woods so while making a fairway wood shaft stiffer will help with stability, too stiff will make the shaft harder to load and reduce it’s kick and acceleration through the impact zone.

So in working with grindworks we developed an all around fairway wood shaft that still has a good amount of flexibility in the mid section which helps maintain (and even increase for some players) head speed and easily squares up to the ball for better impact. It’s easier to load and provides more feel and sense of acceleration.  The predictable timing of the Variant FW shaft results in hitting the sweet spot more consistently for more distance and straighter shots.

The FW shaft is available in 2 flexes, Regular and Stiff.

With the Utility shaft, we leaned more towards stability without sacrificing distance. A stiffer all around shaft, the Variant UT shaft avoids squaring too quickly to the ball which for some stronger players can sometimes result in a hook. The stable and consistent timing of the shaft squares up to the ball right before impact allowing the natural loft of club head to produce an easy powerful high launch.

In order to maintain distance we decided not to make the UT shaft too heavy, keeping the weight more in line with the Fairway Wood shaft. This allows players to swing smoothly yet quickly gaining both distance and direction.

The UT shaft is available in 2 flexes, Regular and Stiff flex.

Model/Flex CPM (±4) Weight (±2) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
Variant FW / R 276 65g 4.0° Mid 8.5/15.4mm 1105mm
Variant FW / S 288 66g 3.9° Mid 8.5/15.4mm 1105mm


Model/Flex CPM (±4) Weight (±2) Torque Kick Point Tip/Butt Dia Length
Variant UT / R 288 66g 3.7° Mid 9.2/15.5mm 1041mm
Variant UT / S 300 67g 3.6° Mid 9.2/15.5mm 1041mm


Please note CPM will vary depending on head weight, length, grip as well as measuring technique and tools used.
Our CPM measurements are using a 7” clamp.

If you have questions about our product or are looking for a dealer please contact us. We are also looking for worldwide dealers so if interested please let us know!

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